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iExploreAfrica.com is an online guide to exploring Africa. This information is intended to give you an insight into destinations, things to see and do, travel tips, etc. Find all the information you need to know to plan your safari in Africa guide. Find information on great places to visit, eat, shop, play and stay while in Africa. You will also find information on traveling inside Africa, helpful maps, information about local attractions, helpful travel tips etc.

Need some inspiration to start planning your safari holiday in Africa? Get great travel ideas from stories that exemplify all that Africa has to offer, from family-friendly attractions to can’t-miss adventures within the top spots in Africa.
Looking for travel information? A series of free travel tips are available to assist with travel planning and vacation choices. Requests for specific tourism brochures and free travel guides are forwarded directly to those organizations for fulfillment. For personalized assistance, you may contact our Travel Counselors at info@iexploreafrica.com.

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