Africa’s top destinations to visit in 2019

Africa is full of amazing destinations, from North to South, East to West, there are spectacular attractions that deserve everyone’s visit at least once in their life time. From wildlife encounters to hiking, historical sites to cultural places, city tours to water fall tours and chilling at coastal beaches, Africa has got so much more to offer her to her visitors.

Here are our top ten destinations that are worthy to be on your Africa bucket list of 2019.

The Pyramids and Sphinx – Egypt
The pyramids are more than just historical sites in Egypt. These ancient places are believed to have been constructed between 2589 BC and 2504 BC though there are no much details about how the construction was done. The great pyramid of Giza is the last surviving of the Seven Wonders of the World.
The three main pyramids in Giza include the Great Pyramid of Khurfu, the pyramid of Kafhre and the pyramid of Menkaura. Each of these pyramids was used as a tomb for one of the Pharaohs (kings) of Egypt. The Great Sphinx is another amazing feature that mesmerizes visitors. The enormous cat-like sculpture is found in front of the pyramids and is locally referred to as the “living image”.

Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe
The Victoria Falls are located at the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia and they are remarkably one of Africa’s major natural wonders. Regarded as the largest waterfalls in the world considering the height and width that together make up the largest single sheet of flowing water. Travelers who want to get the best views of the falls should consider visiting in the dry season of June to July to avoid the high volume of water in the rain season that makes seeing the base of the falls almost impossible. Adventure loving travelers can embark on several activities on their visit to falls including hiking and walking along the trails on top of the falls and across the gorge.

Masai Mara National Reserve – Kenya
The reserve is a perfect representative of the typical African wildlife. Masai Mara hosts hundreds of mammals including the African lion and over 570 recorded bird species. The annual migration of over 2 million wildebeest takes place between Maasai Mara and Serengeti National Park across the border in Tanzania. Watching this migration is one of the favorite activities of visitors and July to October is the best season for this encounter.

Djenne – Mali
Another great historical place in Africa. Djenne town is one of the oldest cities in West Africa with a unique feature of mud-brick homes decorated with paint. The city is believed to have been established at around 800 BC and it acted as a major market center in the region. Until today, Djenne still stands out as the largest location of mud houses in the world. Visit the Grande Mosque, also made from mad and wood. The site hosts the Grand Marche, a Monday market so popular in West Africa and it attracts thousands of traders across the region.

Cape town – South Africa
Cape town stands out as one of Africa’s most beautiful cities and it is a key representative of the modern African city. Some of the key highlights of the city include the popular Blaauwberg Beach which is In the close proximity with the National Botanical Gardens. The amazing Cape of Good Hope introduces visitors to her breathtaking wildlife encounters, hiking trails and the sweeping sea vistas. A visit to the historic Robben Island crowns your holiday as you take a look at this prison where former President Nelson Mandela was kept for 27 years.

Marrakech – Morocco
This is one of the most historic and imperial cities in Africa. Marrakech is a large and noisy city located at the lower slopes of the ice-covered Atlas Mountains. The most celebrated aspect of the city is its rich history as it is regarded as one of Morocco’s most culturally rich places. The visible unearthed stone implements are such a great historical landmark in the area. Other exciting places to visit around the city include the Majorelle gardens, Saadian Tombs and the Flea market for local farmers.

Volcanoes National Park – Rwanda
Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is part of the vast conservation area of the Virunga Mountains shared by Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The main highlight of the area are the famous mountain gorillas that are found nowhere else in the world apart from this region. Currently, there are about 1000 estimated individuals of mountain gorillas within this region and they are shared among these 3 countries. However, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda is the ideal destination for trekking these great primates given its well established trails and its terrain is less tenacious compared to other trekking areas. The park is also the home for the grave of the famous primatologist Dian Fossey who is remembered for her tremendous contribution in the conservation of mountain gorillas.

Mount Kilimanjaro – Tanzania
The largest mountain in Africa places Tanzania as one the countries with exceptional travel attractions in Africa. Kilimanjaro is very ideal for adventure travelers with its dream hiking encounters to its dormant volcanic cones. Hiking to the top of Kilimanjaro leads to the highest point in Africa standing at 5,896m.

Zanzibar Island
This Island straddles the East African coastline with the Indian Ocean next to the coast of Tanzania. The beautiful and fascinating beaches of Zanzibar coupled with its rich history places the Island among Africa’s top destinations. Zanzibar established itself as an influential since the stone age establishment and it highly prospered as the major handling center during the historic trade between East Africa and the Arab world. It was well known for items like spices and ivory as well as the infamous slave trade. Attractions at the Island that can be visited include traditional houses, narrow alleyways, Sultan’s palace and mosques.


Omo River Region – Ethiopia
A multi-cultural region in Southwestern Ethiopia near the Omo River. There is no other place that can river the Omo River in terms of cultural diversity. The region is a home to more than 50 different tribes and it offers you a great insight of the true African culture. Much of the traditional customs and beliefs are still intact among the resident tribes.

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