Algerian protests: Parliament names interim president to replace Bouteflika

Abdelkader Bensalah, the speaker of the upper house of parliament has been appointed as the interim president to succeed former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika who was forced to resign last week by massive protests.

Mr. Bensalah will lead the country through the transition period until a presidential election is conducted to choose a new leader.

Mr. Bouteflika who had been in power for 20 years resigned last week following a series of massive anti-government protests in the capital Algiers.

However, despite the appointment of Mr. Bensalah, many radical protesters seeking a total change of the system do not want him.

“I want to work towards fulfilling the interest of people. It’s great responsibility that the constitution demands of me”, said the new interim president telling parliament after his appointment.

The interim president is expected to be in office for 90 days as permitted by the constitution until a new president is elected.

The protesters who demand a total change of the system took to the streets demanding “Bensalah go”, as soon as the appointment was announced. The protesters have been stressing that they did not just want the resignation of ailing Bouteflika but they also wanted all those around him to go.

They have been allegations that the former president was used as a front man by a group of different people including businessmen, politicians, and army officials who are said to run the country for their hidden interests.

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