Top Africa Attractions

Africa has quite a number of stunning safari destinations to offer travelers and choosing to visit Africa s a very rewarding experience you should not miss. Africa’s outstanding destinations range from Kenya’s Masai Mara to see the Big five, The great wildebeest & hundred thousand zebras annual Migration from Ngorongoro wildlife reserve through Kenya’s Serengeti and finally to Masai Mara and later back again, the powerful Victoria falls in Zimbabwe and Zambia are another stunning attractions we shall be looking at in details below.

Top African Attractions

Gorilla Trekking

Despite the struggles and threats, Africa has thrived to save the critically endangered mountain gorillas, which were once at the verge of extinction. Its evident that since the time of Dian Fossey, gorilla tourism has undeniable been a success in East and central Africa proved by a steady increase gorilla safari packages confirmed everyday. Gorilla conservation success was confirmed in the recent census in the Virunga conservation area where mountain gorilla population was found to have increased from 880 gorillas in 2010 to 1004 in 2018.

Why Uganda best for gorillas

Why Uganda for Gorilla Trekking

A closer meeting with the critically endangered mountain gorillas in the jungle is remarkably a life changing experience, which happens once in a lifetime. Gorilla trekking is a day-to-day activity, which attract the highest population of travelers into the tropical rain forests of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo who come to be part of the lifetime gorilla safari.

Top Tourists Attractions in Kenya

Kenya is blessed with a variety of wildlife species evenly distributed in the different national parks and game reserves all over the country. The major national parks in Kenya include Maasai Mara national park, Tsavo national park, mount Kenya national park, Samburu national park, Amboseli national park, hells gate national park, mount Longonot national park, mount Meru national park, mount Kenya national park, Mombasa marine national park and many others

Serengeti Hot air Baloon Safaris

East Africa is blessed with a number of wildlife species that can be viewed in the major national parks. The most outstanding attractions include the big five in Maasai Mara national park, the great wildebeest migration, impressive relief landscapes like mountains, rift valleys, escarpments, lakes, rivers and unique ecosystems and vegetation types.

The Giza Pyramid

These are some of the outstanding ancient structures in the world located in Al Ahram Giza in Egypt. According to the archeological theories, the 3 Giza pyramids were funeral structures for the 3 kings of the fourth Egyptian dynasty. The pyramids cover an area of 13 hectares and were originally covered in polished limestone.

Masai Mara national park

Masai Mara wildlife reserve is located in the southwestern part of Kenya with an area coverage of about 1510 kilometers squares and blessed to have one of the wonders of the wild- the great wildebeest migration. The park has a number of wildlife species including 95 mammals and about 570 birds and unique ecosystems that make tourist experiences to area very outstanding that one can never enjoy them in any other tourism destination

Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls is located near the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and has massive water sprays and a rainbow. Victoria falls is locally known as Mosi-Oa-Tunya, which means “the smoke that thunders” because of the noise it makes as it plagues down the gorges splashing water in the air forming a permanent mist. The locals regard this waterfall as a sacred place with super natural powers.

Rwanda silverback gorilla

Gorilla Safaris in Rwanda

Volcanoes national park in northwestern Rwanda has ecosystems that are homes to one of the endangered and rare species the mountain gorillas. Mountain gorillas are the largest in size of the apes and have about 95%o of their DNA similar to human beings. These unique mammals currently remain in only three countries in the world (Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo) however of all the three countries, Rwanda.

Congo Nile Trail

Congo Nile Trail Hiking

The 227sq km Congo Nile trail that runs along the shores of Lake Kivu gives tourists a clear picture why Rwanda is called the land of“a thousand hills”. The trails offers beautiful views of rift valley escarpment, rolling terraced hills, valleys, green coffee and tea plantations that represent the real Rwandan rural life and culture.
The Congo Nile trail safari is a network of dirt roads that runs from the town of Gisenyi on the northern shores of Lake Kivu.

Congo Nile Trail

Golden Monkey Tracking in East Africa

TScientifically called cercopithecus kandti, Golden monkeys are one of the endangered species found in the Virunga conservation area. There are approximately 5000 golden monkeys split in the two national parks of Mgahinga gorilla national park (Uganda) and volcanoes national park in Rwanda. Golden monkeys are called after the long golden hair on their backs from which the name golden came from and they are the smallest specie of all the threatened species (chimpanzees and gorillas).

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