Where to go Golden monkey tracking in East Africa

Scientifically called cercopithecus kandti, Golden monkeys are one of the endangered species found in the Virunga conservation area. There are approximately 5000 golden monkeys split in the two national parks of Mgahinga gorilla national park (Uganda) and volcanoes national park in Rwanda. Golden monkeys are called after the long golden hair on their backs from which the name golden came from and they are the smallest specie of all the threatened species (chimpanzees and gorillas). It is certainly a golden opportunity outlaying time with these energetic and playful endangered species.
golden monkey tracking
Though Golden Monkey population is still low, there is great hope for the augmented number of golden monkeys in future. New destinations with these species have been sighted hence assured hope for the increased number in future. Among these new sites include Gishwati – Mukura national park but the golden monkeys there have not been habituated hence not yet open to travelers. Presently, Golden monkeys have acquired special attention by researcher and the government has put in much effort to protect these endangered species.

Mgahinga gorilla national park in Uganda is the best destination to go golden monkey tracking in Africa. This entails travelers spending an hour watching golden monkeys in the wilderness. It is quite tiresome since travelers together with the guides hike up into the volcanoes in search for theses species. This means that the time spent in the forest can range from 30 minutes to six hours depending on the movement and location of the rare specie that very day and where they spent the previous night. An hour is counted from the time traveler’s set their eyes on the golden monkeys after which they go back to the starting point.

In addition to trekking, golden monkey habituation experience is a unique activity only done in Uganda’s Mgahinga gorilla national park in the whole of Africa. Here travelers spend four hours with the rare species, which provide them with powerful knowledge about the golden monkeys. While in the experience, the endangered species are made familiar to the presence of people, which make interaction with them easier. Just like in the mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, habituation of golden monkeys take approximately 2-3 years before they are opened to the trekkers.
A reminder: Golden monkeys are jumpy, playful, speedy and stubborn species, which requires travelers to hold tight their cameras while taking photographs. The species can be jumping across each and every time hence requiring travelers to be steady with their cameras for quick photography. Besides golden monkeys, travelers also encounter other animals such as mountain gorillas, which also live in the tropical rainforests of Mgahinga.

Volcanoes national park is yet another destination that offers travelers a unique golden monkey trekking experience. There are two golden monkey groups that have been trained for trekking but habituation experience is not offered in Rwanda.
In both countries, early booking for the permit is highly recommended; travelers are obliged to adhere to the rules and regulations while with the golden monkeys. The do’s and do not’s in both countries are the same.

In conclusion therefore, it is a lifetime experience spending time in the jungle with the endangered species. This experience can only be got in the tropical rain forests of Uganda and Rwanda and a wonderful addon your gorilla safari in either destinations. Travelers can therefore visit any of these destinations for a superior and outstanding experience.