Why Ecotourism Is Becoming More Popular

Why Ecotourism Is Becoming More Popular
Eco tourism is one form of tourism that offers a different but exceptional travel experience. After doing an eco tourism safari, a traveler goes back with a feeling that he/she has done something positive on the environment and local livelihoods. Eco tourism was initiated in early 1990 but fortunately picked quickly to be a popular way of travelling. Unlike other tourism forms, eco tourism has minimal or fewer negative impacts on the environment, wildlife and local communities in the tourism industry. Ecotourism help to promote sustainable tourism and minimize negative impacts on the natural environment. Which help to improve the image of tourism and find ways to enable travellers to have a positive impact on local communities. Also, ecotourism help to maximize tourism benefits to local communities and minimizing negative social or environmental impact. With eco tourism, local people are encouraged to conserve fragile cultures and other tourism products. Ecotourism is all about touring new places to conserve natural environment and at the same time improve the standards of living for local people. Eco tourism is all about responsible travel to natural areas, conserving the environment and improves the well being of the local people. It also aims at educating travelers about conservation, providing funds for ecological conservation.

Ecotourism give travelers an opportunity to get something extra from the trip. Unlike other tourism forms where travelers take nothing other than memories, Ecotourism give travelers a lasting impact which make them keep remembered even after leaving. It gives travelers a chance to get something extra from the trip feeling positive that his/her visit left a positive impact to the environment and people in the neighborhood.

Also, ecotourism emphasize on giving back to local communities, so as to improve the standards of living for local people. Eco tourism travelers focus on making a difference in local communities such as building hospitals, water wells, schools and other community projects. Fortunately, some travel companies have welcomed the ideas of ecotourism in order to conserve the natural environment and improve the standards of living for local people.

Ecotourism help to protect the natural environment so as to keep it green and clean. With eco tourism, travelers are advised to sleep in eco friendly lodges and also do eco friendly activities which conserve the natural environment leaving a minimal impact on the environment. Ecotourism enable travelers to enjoy amazing experiences from seeing spectacular wildlife to try local cultural activities. The mission to focus on the interaction between locals and visitors to promote a sustainable local development and strengthening communities in order to improve their living conditions and quality of life.

Principles of eco tourism
• To reduce the physical, social, behavioral and psychological impacts.
• To build environmental and cultural awareness and respect
• To provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts
• Provide direct financial benefits for conservation
• To generate financial benefits for conservation
• To deliver memorable interpretative experiences to visitors that help raise sensitivity to host country’s political, environmental and social climate
• To design, construct and operate low-impact facilities
• To recognize the rights and spiritual beliefs of the indigenous people in your community and work in partnership with them to create empowerment.
In general, ecotourism is the best form of tourism every traveler should be part of. Stay in eco friendly lodges, enjoy eco friendly activities, support the local livelihoods and conserve the natural environment.

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