Camping Safaris in Africa

Have you ever done a camping safari in Africa? Do you want to explore the wilderness in its fullest? Camping is the best way to adventure and enjoy the beauty of nature with no limit. It brings you close to the natural environment, wild animals, insects; birds ground animals and night African weather without limit. Camping is done in open savannah national parks of Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania where travelers spend nights in the tents in the wilderness. The activity is known for adventurous and budget travelers who want to experience the environment in its natural state but is well done in wildlife tours unlike in gorilla tours where mountain gorillas live in forested areas where travelers cannot camp. The exceptional experience of sleeping out doors comes with great expectations and imaginations by travelers especially those, who have never been to Africa. Despite the extra ordinary experience, Camping require earlier planning in terms of building confidence and have a full-equipped packing list. Camping is the best accommodation facility for budget travelers since its quite cheap compared to other kinds of accommodation especially in national parks. The appropriate equipment’s that you require for a camping safari include the following:

Strong tents
Travelers coming for a camping safari must have strong but light tents. Tents vary in size depending on the number of travelers and the preferred sleeping arrangement they opt for. There are tents that accommodate one person while others accommodate families and group tours. On reaching the area, travelers first do some clearing to level the grass after which they set up their tents for a number of nights they will stay in the jungle. Much as a tent is temporary, it’s very comfortable and safe for travelers. The inside of it is warm and can be closed to prevent the entry of insects and other harmful animals. The windows are transparent but hard which allow travelers to see the passing-by animals birds. Travelers can bring their own tents or else hire from any agent offering camping packages in the respective destination.

Carry enough food and water
In camping, travelers are far away from other people and are therefore required to stock as much food and water as possible. There are no nearby markets and water taps requiring travelers to carry enough that can take them through the safari.

Warm sweaters, long pants and stockings
Since it’s a full night in the wilderness, expect cold freezing late night weather. This therefore requires all travelers taking part in camping to carry warm sweaters and long pants to provide warmth in the cold environment. Also remember stockings and hand gloves to protect the hands and feet from getting so cold. With this, travelers are assured of a normal night outside just like those sleeping in the houses, lodges and hotels.

Camping is a self-reliant type of accommodation just like in the lodges and hotels. However, travelers camping have to cook for them selves since they are independent travelers. This requires them to carry utensils such as saucepans, plate’s cups and spoons to use in the mean time. A part from snacks, travelers may cook their own food to avoid on the expenses of buying expensive food in the supermarkets and hotels.

First aid kit
While in a camping safari, a traveler is his/her own doctor. Remember you are in the wilderness with no nearby medical center hence a need for a private first aid kit for first help in case of any injury or sickness. You are also required to carry some medicine for self-medication incase of bites by insects, ground animals such as snakes mosquitoes of cut by a sharp stick or stones.

Conclusively therefore, camping is the best way to explore the wilderness. Book a camping safari to Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania and enjoy the beauty nature offers.

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