Coronavirus in Africa

Coronavirus in Africa: The situation so far

Ever since the novel coronavirus entered the African continent, it has been spreading at a very fast speed with over three quarters of the continent now affected. It should be remembered that Egypt was the first country to report the first case on the continent about a month ago before other cases were shortly reported in Algeria, Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco and other countries followed.

Coronavirus outbreak was first reported in Wuhan China in December 2019 where it is believed to have originated before it started spreading to other parts of the world. Although China was initially the most affected country since the outbreak started from there, today Italy has overtaken it as the most affected country. The number of deaths in Italy (about 5,000) has surpassed that of China (over 3,000) while the number of registered cases in Italy is also rapidly increasing currently at while China’s stands at
How is the situation in Africa?
The World Health Organization (WHO) last week warned that African countries should prepare for the worst as far as the Coronavirus outbreak is concerned given weak health infrastructure on the continent. Currently, 43 African countries have registered Coronavirus cases and only 11 countries have not yet registered any case.

What are the affected African countries so far?

The 43 countries that have already registered at least one case of COVID-19 include the following;

• Algeria (102), Angola (2), Benin (2), Burkina Faso (75), Cameroon (27), Cape Verde (1), Central African Republic(3), Chad(1), Congo(2), Côte d’Ivoire (17), Djibouti (1), DRC (18)
• Egypt (294), Equatorial Guinea (4), Eswatini (4), Ethiopia (9), Gabon (4), Gambia (1), Ghana (21), Guinea (2), Kenya (7), Liberia (3), Madagascar (3), Mauritius (14), Mauritania (2), Morocco (96), Namibia (3), Niger (1), Nigeria (25), Rwanda (17), Senegal (56), Seychelles (7), Somalia (1)
• South Africa (240), Sudan (2), Tanzania (6), Togo (9), Tunisia (60), Uganda (1), Zambia (2), Zimbabwe (2). Territories (2) with cases: Mayotte (4), Reunion (47).
So far there are 37 deaths of COVID-19 in 10 African countries which include the following;
Algeria (15) Burkina Faso (3), DRC (1), Egypt (10), Gabon (1), Ghana (1), Mauritius (1), Morocco (3), Sudan (1), Tunisia (1),

There have been 108 recoveries in 11 African which include the following;
Algeria (32), Burkina Faso (5), Cameroon (2), Côte d’Ivoire (1), Egypt (41), Ethiopia (4), Morocco (3), Nigeria (2), Senegal (5), South Africa (12), Tunisia (1)

Africa countries that have not yet registered any single case of COVID-19 include Malawi, Libya, South Sudan, Burundi, Eritrea, Mozambique, Lesotho, Mali, Congo Brazzaville,

How is the situation globally so far?

Globally, the number of COVID-19 cases currently stands at about 336,000 while deaths have surpassed 14,000 and more than 90,000 victims have recovered. Italy remains the most affected country globally with about 50,000 cases and about 5,000 deaths while China where the outbreak started has registered massive improvements with no new cases being registered.

Spain is the second-most affected country in Europe after Italy with more than 1,700 deaths. Iran, United Kingdom, United States and Canada are also among the most affected countries.

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