Ethiopia Shopping and Nightlife

Ethiopia Shopping and Nightlife

Addis Ababa being the capital city of Ethiopia has plenty of modern and western style shops with a feel of western typical malls with luxury goods especially the American and European brands and fast food outlets. This is your best bet because you are likely to do your shopping in one place. You can visit numerous local and upscale shopping places like local markets for fresh foods, supermarkets, boutiques and departmental stores. In some parts of the city there are shopping complexes offering designer labels, computer equipments and other wide range of goods available let it be specialist or luxury. From colorful and bustling markets to newly developed shopping malls, Ethiopia now has it all. There are many upscale hotels that cater to the influx of tourists.

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There are several sophisticated craft shops that sell locally made Arts and crafts. Original and smart local items like wood carvings, sandals, basketry, beaded jewelry plus other items from all over Africa are sold. Pieces of valuable handcrafts are available at relatively low prices compared to imported crafts; therefore don’t hesitate to snap a chance.

Addis Ababa has a large number of western-style bars, pubs, jazz bars and nightclubs but outside of the capital evening entertainment of this style is thin on the ground. Cinema is very popular with Ethiopians and foreign films usually screened in their original language with Amharic subtitles. Still hugely popular in Ethiopia, traditional azmari nightlife involves being entertained by a wandering minstrel who ad-libs songs about his audience, and life in general, with amusing wordplay which often has double meanings.

Shopping hours

Mon-Sat 0800-1300 and 1400-1730

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