Explore the Musanze Caves in Rwanda

Rwanda Development Board recently launched the Musanze caves which were developed in the collaboration with the Rwanda Defense forces and the main aim was to increase the tourism products in Rwanda which will later increase the number of people who come for safaris to Rwanda. These caves are ready for touristic activities and many people have got an experience about them in the past months, therefore the marketing board of Rwanda is encouraging the tourists worldwide to come and experience the Uniqueness of these caves from within the country.

These caves have helped in diversification of the tourism products within the country, which has helped in expanding the tourism potentials of the country. The caves will help Rwanda to meet their goals in Tourism development and they are expected to attract many tourists and they are also expected to spend many days in Rwanda so that they can also visit other places within the country. The caves have got tourist walkways and trails, stairs and other safety measures for the tourists and these are under the responsibility of Rwanda Development Board which is responsible for marketing and promoting them for tourism purposes.

The head of tourism also noted that the local community is to benefit from the new product since businesses will start to flourish around the caves and the local people will be able to get some simple jobs where they can help them improve their livelihoods. The local investors have also shown interest in building lodges and hotels at the cave’s entrance which will also benefit the local communities living around the caves. This will also help in improving the infrastructural developments like the roads around the caves hence attracting more people to come for safari tours to Rwanda.

The caves offer the clear understanding of the geological history and development of the earth, these are located in the volcanic region of Rwanda and here different lava flow layers are dating from over 65 million years ago have been created in the Albertine rift valley. These caves are two kilometers long underneath. Rwanda has got many attractions apart from the caves and these include; the mountain gorillas, Dian fossey tomb, Bisoke volcanic climbing, golden monkey tracking, Karisimbi volcanic climbing, lake viewing, culture, birding and many more.

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