Gorilla Filming in Uganda

Though not often done like trekking, gorilla filming is a life changing experience which allow travelers to capture live videos of mountain gorillas in their natural habitats and as they perform different roles in their respective families. At the end of every gorilla tour in uganda, travelers take nothing other than videos and photographs hence making gorilla filming the best way to memorize the beautiful gorilla trekking experience. In Uganda, gorilla filming is done in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park the only habitats for the critically endangered mountain gorillas both in southwestern Uganda. Besides Uganda, Gorilla filming can be done in Volcanoes national park Rwanda and Virunga national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Gorilla filming is very helpful and is mostly done by the government and journalists for publications and documentary so as to enlighten local communities abut the values of gorilla tourism and how best to ensure sustainable gorilla tourism in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. The filming comprises of Professionals, individuals, and TV production companies who together capture live videos of mountain gorillas.

The cost of gorilla filming permit
Unlike in gorilla trekking, gorilla filming require participants to buy two separate permits. The actual permit for gorilla filing is 840usd and a group of film crew must pay 4200usd which is a must pay even if travelers are less than five members. In addition, each traveler must extra 600usd for gorilla trekking which make gorilla filming quite expensive This indicates that a single gorilla-filming permit costs 840usd plus the 600 for trekking. A group of 5 members is a minimum number of travelers allowed taking part in gorilla filming and the maximum is 8. However, an extra of two people can be added to the filming crew after writing to the responsible government body seeking for permission. Travelers filming for news and present state in the wild, they are supposed to clear with the public relations manager of Uganda Wildlife Authority for approval.

Where to get the filming permits
Just like in gorilla trekking permits, gorilla habituation permits are issued by Uganda wildlife authority (UWA) a government body responsible for tourism and wildlife conservation in Uganda. All travelers taking part in gorilla filming must carry their valid permits on the actual day of filming along with other related travel documents for clarifications. Permits can be booked direct from UWA or through any trusted tour operator selling similar packages to Bwindi and Mgahinga. Travelers are also required to book 6 months prior the actual date to secure permits and avoid any disappointment at the last hour. Any tour operator taking clients for filming must write a letter to Uganda wildlife authority clarifying the documents that travelers and confirming that none of the gadgets carried will be harmful to the critically endangered mountain gorillas. In the same case, travelers who book direct with Uganda Wildlife Authority must write a letter which confirm that all carried gadgets are not harmful to the gorillas as their agreement to all terms and conditions. On the day of filming, all travelers are required to gather at the national park headquarters as early as 7:00am for a briefing. After there, travelers along with rangers and porters start up the hiking.

Booking procedures
Travelers go through a series of procedures, which include seeking for the pre-application advice from Uganda Wildlife Authority on regards to filming rules and regulations. After agreeing on the terms and conditions, film crewmembers fill in a formal application letter to UWA management as a proof for commitment. Once travelers come back at UWA headquarters after the filming session, they are free to discuss how the activity has gone, the bad and good part of the activity and what must be done to ensure memorable experience for the potential travelers. The filming crew is also required to give UWA two DVD copies of the program as broadcast, which UWA uses for educational and non-profit making purposes. Filming time takes an hour and travelers are reminded to be calm so as to capture accurate videos within in the shortest time possible.
Besides gorilla f9lming travelers can take part in gorilla trekking in which a group of eight travelers are allowed to see and interact with a mountain gorilla family for an hour. Interestingly, gorilla trekking is done at 600usd, which is relatively cheap compared, to gorilla filming.
Also, gorilla habituation experience, which is a half-day interaction with wild mountain gorillas, is doe in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. Travelers here take part in training wild gorilla families with an aim of familiarizing them to the presence of human beings. Gorilla habituation is done with a company of rangers, conservationist researchers and trainers who take part in training. Currently the experience is only done in Rushaga sector of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and 2 gorilla families are undergoing training.
Therefore, be part of gorilla filming in Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga Gorilla national parks, capture live videos for mountain gorillas in their natural habitats and rewarding you with memorable experiences.

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