Rwanda Culture & People

Rwanda is also a country that is rich in art and culture. Rwanda, a land of art and history. Rwanda has been, since antiquity, the centre of history, culture and art in this region of Africa. The Rwandan art developed since prehistoric times. In Rwandan culture, life and art are inseparable. Rwandan artists created great masterpieces of art and inspired artists all over the world.

Rwanda cultural danceRwanda is largely homogeneous linguistically and religiously but is diverse culturally, economically, and politically which is also what makes it so interesting to the eyes of visitors from all over the world? Rwanda has various big towns full of every thing enjoyable you can think of like recreations, state-of-art eateries, museums, amusement centers and so forth. Such towns include; Kigali, Gisenyi, Ruhengeri, Giporosi, but especially if you’re not a first time visitor, and you get to stay here more time, we deeply suggest to go beyond that.It is hard to believe, but every little town has its own piece of art to show.

If you step in the countryside, and go visit some little villages, you would be amazed by the chances of running into some very fine pieces of art, that happen to be way less famous than the rest, because of the quantity of it that Rwanda carries.

Discovering new and less famous villages, means also getting to know Rwanda’s culture, which is something that changes every region you go. It’s not only about the classical North-South differences here, but way more than that.

Diversity in Rwanda has happened way before the Globalization; in fact Rwanda is full of dialects so also recognized as second language.
Do you need to hear more? We’d say: “Come and see it with your eyes”. Rwandan culture has a rich history that includes art, classic architecture, popular traditions, and customs.

Customs and traditions are an important part of the Rwandan culture, which is why you can get a great cup of coffee anywhere, or any kind of help from anybody.

Rwandan Customs and way of life differs to other African Cultures in many ways.

Most shops shut for siesta time, and reopen around 4 P.M. not particularly in the big city though.

La “Passeggiata” the stroll is very common too. It is meant to see and be seen. This is also related to “La bella figura” to be shown off.

Rwandese are not big breakfast eaters. Who save room for the most important meal of the day, which is lunch. Drinking alcohol without eating is usually seen as senseless, although most Italians enjoy a glass of wine and maybe a small digestive.