Shopping & Nightlife

Shopping in Seychelles

Shopping in Seychelles is not one of the major attractions however the best place for shopping is the market at the city centre and Victoria, the capital. There are also a few outlets on the island, Praslin, but fewer shopping areas on the other islands. Classic and traditional Seychelles souvenir can be purchased like sea shell and pearl jewelry, textiles and straw hats, in addition to needlework, crochet, paintings by local artists and woodwork.

Night Life in Seychelles

Seychelles has an eclectic mix of nightlife that includes trendy hangouts, sophisticated bars and innovative eateries to serve its diverse population. One of Seychelles’ most iconic nightlife spots is Lovenut strategically situated in the centre of Victoria- a city of energy, diversity and rhythm. You’ll find a sprinkling of vibey clubs like Tequila Boom at (Bel Ombre), Katiolio (near Anse Royale) and funky live venues that attract partygoers with bright lights and pumping music.

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