Traveling to Tanzania

Tanzania can be accessed by flights with a few airlines operating direct routes from UK while those from the USA and Canada can use interconnecting flights.

The country has 3 international airports that include Julius Nyerere international airport, Kilimanjaro international airport and Zanzibar international airport in Zanzibar.

Some of the airline companies operating business in Tanzania from UK include; Condor which offers direct cheap flights to Tanzania from Manchester, KLM that has flights to Tanzania from London City, Liverpool, Aberdeen, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Humberside, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

British Airways flies from London Heathrow, Manchester, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Jersey, Edinburgh and Glasgow while Emirates has flights from Glasgow, Birmingham, Newcastle and Gatwick.

Qatar Airways flies from Gatwick and Manchester and Turkish Airlines has flights to Tanzania from Birmingham.

Tanzania can also be accessed by a ship via the Indian ocean to its sea ports /coastal towns including Dares-Salaam and the islands of Zanzibar, Mafia and Pemba.