Single East African Visa

At present, Tourists traveling to east African countries of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda can now travel across all the countries using a single visa that can be got from any of these countries. The increased charges for the independent local visas in these countries was a reason why a single tourist visa was introduced for example, Uganda’s single tourist visa in 2015 had increased from 50$ to 100$ whereas in Rwanda it had increased from 30$ to 50$ and Kenya as well.

A single East African visa offers visitors visiting one or more of these 3 destinations a cheap alternative of purchasing a tourists Visa. This is possible because a single tourist visa costs us$100 allowing a 90-days multiple entry to Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya, Tanzania however is not part of the arrangement and tourists connecting to Tanzania cannot travel there using the East African visa, this is a disadvantage to Tanzania and tourists who would wish to connect there.

The East African visa can be obtained from any of the registered member countries, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya depending on where the tourist wants to start the trip from, for the case of Uganda, tourists can get the visa upon arrival at the border and advance application is required, this is due to Immigration not having their website in order and tourists can pay for the visa directly in cash at the time of arrival.
In Rwanda, tourists can get the East African visa online through the Rwanda immigration website
which is similar to the application for the single entry visa but tourists are reminded to select the east African tourist visa.
Lastly in Kenya, the East African visa can be obtained upon arrival but soon it will be obtained via the online portal.

A single visa has made travel in East Africa easier and more convenient with the borderless-borders where you buy one Visa and can visit three countries – Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. It has made border crossing east since a tourist can now easily fly into Entebbe-Uganda going on Safari and wind up in Rwanda, Track Gorillas in both countries and fly out of Kigali back home using a single visa for both countries.
With a single East African visa, tourists have the opportunities to enjoy all the East African wildlife features in all countries for example tour gorillas in Rwanda, take the canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest, visit the Genocide Memorials, Lake Kivu and Akagera Wildlife Park and have safaris in the land of a thousand hills Rwanda, cross into Uganda, the Pearl of Africa to climb volcanoes, track the Mountain Gorillas in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, see the abundant wildlife found in Uganda, relax along Lake Bunyonyi, the sandy beaches of the Ssese Island, track chimpanzee in Kibale Forest, white water rafting on the River Nile and ending up at Entebbe along Lake Victoria. From Entebbe, fly to Magical Kenya and visit its attraction such as the Masai Mara with its abundant wildlife and vast Savannas, visit the beautiful Swahili Coast on the Indian Ocean where the seafood is a delight and discover Magical Kenya in its entire splendor with a single visa.

Conclusively, a single east African visa has become a solution to travel problems for all tourists traveling to East African countries connecting from one country to another. Tourists only fill out forms when they apply and after entering another country, only an immigration entrance card is required. This is real saving since without this East African visa, tourists would be spending more on tourist visas but they now pay single 100USD fee and hassle free entrance and re-entrance for up to 90 day access to all three countries. Tourists are however reminded to choose East African countries that have agreed upon the single visa which are Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda so as to make connections easily.