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Traveling to East Africa with the Joint East African Visa

The tourism industry in the major east African states of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda gets better and continues to thrive every year that passes on. These three major countries in order to address tourist border delays and bureaucracy sat down and came up with a decision of using one tourist visa for all the tourists interested in visiting any of the countries within this partnership.

Many tourists in the past decades interested in doing cross border visits to the Kenya, Rwanda or Uganda could most times get discouraged to apply for separate visas for each country and would end up visiting only one country and yet all these three countries have unique tourist attractions and therefore offer different unforgettable experiences. However the incredible idea of coming up with a single tourist visa for the three countries is enabling tourists to easily experience and view various unique tourism attractions that are exclusive to a country and that can only be enjoyed by physically visiting that particular country.

The three countries of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda all have various attractions ranging from cultural attractions, wild animals and vegetation types and therefore getting a single tourist visa for all the three countries can never be a regrettable choice because each of the countries has an exclusive tourism package it offers. The most outstanding exclusive packages include

Top Tourism Activities in East Africa

What to do in Rwanda

Rwanda always and popularly known as the land of thousand hills because of her beautiful sceneries of the gently sloping hills and vast evergreen forests is a home to various world endangered species including the mountain gorillas and the chimpanzees.

Mountain gorillas in Rwanda can be viewed in volcanoes national park located just after a 2-3 hours drive from Kigali international airport. Volcanoes national park has various gently sloping hills that are part of the Virunga volcanoes covered by vast equatorial rain forests and homes to the most endangered ape the mountain gorilla. The park has 10 habituated gorilla groups and only 8 tourists a day visit each gorilla group group.

The chimpanzees on the other hand can be best viewed in Nyungwe forest national park. The park has one of the oldest equatorial forests on the African continent that harbor man’s closest relative the chimpanzee with 98% DNA similar to humans. Nyungwe forest has well developed trails and a canopy walk that’s above 50 meters enabling easy views of the chimpanzees and many other forest inhabitants. Chimpanzees are not the only attractions on the Rwanda list. Other interesting attractions include lake Kivu – the largest volcanic Crater Lake in Africa, various genocide memorial sites, cultural attractions and many others.

Great Wildebeest Migration to Swimming with Dolphins in Kenya

Kenya is a magical tourist destination ideal for tourists on east African safaris because of the exclusive packages the country offers. Kenya safari packages include the big five mammals (lions, elephants, rhinos, buffaloes and leopards) that can be viewed in various national parks across the country, the great wildebeest migration of million animals (zebra, buffaloes, impalas, elands and gazelles) from Serengeti in Tanzania to the Maasai Mara park in Kenya- the place with the highest lion population on the planet and the dolphins and many aquatic mammals in the countries marine national parks for example the Kisite Mpunguti marine park in the Indian ocean. Other major outstanding attractions in Kenya include the crocodiles in Mara River, various bird species including the crowds of flamingos on lake Nakuru, historical attractions like fort Jesus in Mombasa plus the beautiful sand beaches along the Indian Ocean.

The ‘Pearl Of Africa’ Expeditions – Uganda

Uganda is gifted by nature with a number of wildlife attractions hence the title the pearl of Africa. Lonely planet in 2013 termed Uganda as Africa compressed in one country because of her beautiful fauna and flora with the source of the great river Nile, snow capped peaks of the Rwenzori ranges, the highest hippo population in the region, a permanent rain ball at the great Murchison falls, the largest caldera on mount Elgon, various bird species including the rare shoebill stork and many others.

Uganda is also home to half populations of the most endangered species- the mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable and Mgahinga gorilla parks with 14 habituated gorilla groups open to tourist visitation. The pearl of Africa also has a number of chimpanzees best tracked in Kibale forest national park- the primate capital of the world. Uganda offers unique wildlife experiences including game drives and white water rafting at the source of the Nile.

The country has very hospitable people with unique cultures and practices like the Imbalu circumcision ceremony among the Bagishu of eastern Uganda, unique religious attractions like the Baha’i temple- the only temple of the Baha’i faith on the African continent, the Uganda martyrs shrines in Namugongo as well as unique culinary from the different tribes in the country. The major culinary include Luwombo, Kalamaleewa, Kalo, Nsenene, Kipoli, Rolex and many others.

A joint east African visa for Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda will therefore make it very possible for a tourist to the region to experience and view all the above mentioned tourist attractions and activities at way much cheaper costs than one would spend on visiting an individual country.

The east African visa is currently being sold at $100 and its functional and valid for 90 days from the day of issue in all the three countries of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. With that permit, you will be able to get the natural charisma of the three magical and beautiful countries.

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