Walking Safaris In Uganda

Walking Safaris In Uganda
There is no better way to explore and experience wilderness than taking a walking safari in Uganda. Walking give travelers freedom to move from one place to another exploring at will a way from the restrictions of tracks that scar the landscape. Undeniably, there is no other breathtaking experience than footing in the open desert near a big game browsing and predators hunting. Walking safaris recapture the spirit of the golden days of safari, when it was down to the experience, bush craft and intuition of your guide and tracker to locate and approach animals. Similarly, a walking safari saves you the distracting sounds and smells of vehicle or boat engines with unlimited freedom of exploring at will with no restrictions of tracks that scar the landscapes. Also a walking safari connect travelers to their surrounding environments, tourism attractions, physical features and wildlife encounters which together make a safari indeed memorable. Walking is exceptional in a way that it takes travelers to areas, which cannot be accessed with a vehicle.

Footing help travelers to quickly become adapted to the natural signals of the bush associated with fresh smell of wild thyme and the rustle of thousands of tiny wings as a flock of birds fly continuously above you. A traveler walking has an added chance to accurately examine all surroundings like termite hills, medicinal herbs, houses of spiders and ground insects, which cannot be seen when one is driving. Travelers are however reminded to keep a distance from big wild animals like elephants and buffalos who see people as a threat and tend to behave wildly.

Walking safaris in Uganda can be done in different savannah parks across the country. Distances covered are not huge hence travelers carry only a few things like camera, binoculars and sunglasses. There is therefore no need for a porter. Travelers are reminded to conserve nature, leave only footprints and take only memories. Travelers to Uganda can therefore combine walking with other activities like gorilla tours in Bwindi/Mgahinga, cultural tours among others to make a complete Uganda safari package.

Walking tour in Murchison falls national park
Here traveler’s walk/hike to the top of the mighty Murchison falls which reward them with spectacular views of the falls. Hiking to the top of the falls is surely an amazing, breathtaking and beautiful experience as traveler’s walk right on the edge of the cliff with no railings. Travelers also have an opportunity to stand on a huge stone on which baker discovered how magnificent waterfall hence naming it as most stunning waterfall in Africa. Standing at the rock on top of falls is a great chance to see clearly how the water squeeze through that narrow gorge before gushing out in a very white form. Expect to see a variety of wild and water animals enjoying their free time. Hiking can take 45 minutes to several hours depending on hiking speed and physical fitness of travelers. Fortunately, clear trails have been made with several steps on which travelers ascend until they reach the top. The trails can be slippery especially in the rainy season hence require travelers to have hand gloves and hiking boots to ease their movements. A look at the mighty fall plunging 42 meters to the bottom forming a rainbow at the base is an experience of its own kind.

Bush walks in kidepo valley national park
Walking in kidepo valley national park can be done within or outside the park. Morungole Mountains or else walk to the IK people, which is the smallest ethnic group in Uganda. Most hikes start at Apoka lodge lasting for roughly 60 minutes to reach Namamukweny valley the best spot for bird watching, walking is normally done in the morning to catch up with animals grazing. Travelers are however reminded to follow specific trails as guided by their ranger guide. Those who have extra time can do a 2 hours walk to the Narus valley which host a large number of animals, which gather at the riverbanks for drinking water especially in the dry season. A fours walk through the come hills is the best if travelers have time and willing to travel that long. Walking reward travelers with spectacular views of leopards, lions, buffalos, giraffes, impalas, elands, kobs and several animals grazing in the wilderness, which make an experience more enjoyable.

Hiking trails in queen Elizabeth national park
Walking safaris in queen Elizabeth national park take travelers to Nyanzibiri cave community which cannot be accessed with a vehicle. The cave is surrounded by two conjoined crater lakes, which make the experience more enjoyable. Experienced guides help travelers to understand the formation of these caves and how long they have been in existence, which is surely good.
In general, walking is the best way to enjoy the wilderness and all its beauties with out limit. Book a Uganda walking safari to Murchison falls national park, kidepo valley national park and queen Elizabeth national park for a memorable Uganda safari experience.

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