The Giza Pyramids – Discover Egypt

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These are some of the outstanding ancient structures in the world located in Al Ahram Giza in Egypt. According to the archeological theories, the 3 Giza pyramids were funeral structures for the 3 kings of the fourth Egyptian dynasty.

The pyramids cover an area of 13 hectares and were originally covered in polished limestone. The pyramids are solid masses with descending and ascending passages with a grand gallery, a mysterious subterranean chamber, the kings and queens chamber and a secretive pathway.

The King and queen’s chambers however awkwardly retained misrepresentative names that were given to them by the Arab tourists to the pyramids because of their physical appearance. The king’s chamber has a flat granitic roof and the Queen’s chamber has a grabbled roof. In an ancient Arab custom, men are buried in tombs with a flat roof and females in rooms with a grabbled roof, which the arabs attributed to the Giza pyramids.

The king’s chamber was constructed with great craftsmanship with huge red granite solid rocks weighing about 50 tons. The chamber has an open casket of dark granite of about 7.5 feet, which the Egyptians believe was a final resting place for Khufu. This casket however has no indications that anyone has ever been buried in it and even when the Arabs first broke into the chamber in AD 820, they found when the casket was empty.

This chamber is big covering about 10.46 meters from east to west and 5.23 meters from north to south with a height of 5.81 meters.
The large rocks that were used to construct the chamber are said to have been got from the excavations of the Aswan which is approximately 600 miles away however up to today no one knows the means of transport that was used in the transportation.

The fact that the Giza pyramids had been built by the 4th Egyptian dynasty kings as burial places always keeps many wondering because none of the archeological findings have ever discovered whether the kings of the 4th dynasty inscribed their names on the pyramids and yet research shows that the inscriptions on the pyramids should have been made from around 5th kings dynasty onwards. One cannot either say that they were maybe constructed by the 3rd kings dynasty because the pyramids where constructed involving mathematical calculations and their massive size shows an impossible sudden increase of the abilities compared to many other 3rd dynasty buildings.

The modern Egyptian Giza pyramid explanations assume that the were constructed by the 5th dynasty kings but do not explain why there was a clear regression in mathematical complexities, size and engineering skills in most of the buildings of the 5th dynasty.

Most people however attribute these great pyramids to Khufu mainly because of the legends that were told by Herodotus- a Greek historian, who had visited the pyramids around 443 BC, inscriptions that were found on the funereal complex near the pyramids naming Khufu as reigning king (pharaoh) and some red ochre paint markings on the slab in the main chamber that resemble the indication of the name Khufu. Unfortunately Khufu did not leave any indication that he had constructed the pyramids but however claims to have done some repairing on them.

These mysterious pyramids have been greatly researched on over the years however both the modern scientific findings and the Egyptian mythical legends prove that the constructors of the pyramids used accurate measurements and the pyramids major sides are almost exact with the major points of a compass.
The Giza pyramids were used to tell the time of the day by looking at the positioning of the sun and its shadow to the north and reflected sunlight to the south also exactly marked the dates of equinox (time of the day when day time and night times have equal lengths).

All these show that the builders of the Giza pyramids knew the exact measurements of the earth and the occurrence of the major events like equinox and solstice.

Some people even today still believe that the pyramids especially the main chamber was used as a sacred initiation place. They believe that people after a series of preparation, meditation and super natural preparation would be instructed to lie in the granitic casket found in the main chamber and spend there a night alone. They believe that the casket was a central point for mysterious energies that were directed to the main chamber by the integrity of the calculations and position made during the construction of the pyramids. The mysterious energies are believed to have been stronger during certain times of the year when the earth would be in a particular positioning with the sun, moon and other stellar objects in position to generate energies that would be used to stimulate spiritual realization of any one who would be in the casket at the time.

This in relation to most research done around the pyramid over the years show that the pyramids were used as instruments to gather, focus and amplify energy for the benefit of the people. A visit to the pyramids will leave you with a thousand questions and the pyramids are among the wonders of the world on the African continent.