Located in East Africa, the magical Kenya is the tourism destination one should experience, the country borders Uganda and Tanzania, and has great and incredible diversity of landscapes, cultures; wildlife and activities mean endless opportunities for visitors to Kenya. Kenya wildlife safari Also, Kenya offers a diverse range of environments all within relatively close proximity to one another, and has an excellent domestic travel infrastructure. Visitors to Kenya can experience and see completely different things because in a single trip to Kenya, travelers can visit tropical forests, beautiful beaches, and deserts, climb mountains and explore the wild. The land is generally blessed with booth natural, cultural, historical and manmade attractions that make it magical and un comparable.

Wildlife safaris
The magical Kenya is blessed with a vast of wild life that is so astounding some of which are not found anywhere else in east Africa and the whole world as a whole., wild life in Kenya ranges from the big five to the small five, Kenya’s game parks, reserves and other wildlife protection areas host some of the wildest game thus the reason why this is home for the safari. Dotted in their unique landscapes, geographical features, a vast array of game ensues. In addition, the icing on Kenya’s wildlife cake is the annual Wildebeest Migration at the infamous Maasai Mara migration between mid-August and late October. This is the best example of wild nature at its best as hundreds of thousands of wildebeests, zebras, Thomson’s gazelles, Topi and Elands. Therefore every traveler should endvour to enjoy such amazing wild life in the magical Kenya for the great and memorable experience.

Made possible by the favorable climate in the magical kentia, birding can be done throughout the year. The country is a habitat for different bird species ranging from the world’s biggest bird, the Ostrich, to spectacular flamingos that congregate in their millions at the various Lakes of the Great Rift Valley and camouflage them in pink. More still, Kenya holds some remarkable birding sights that provide travelers with the greatest opportunity to see these birds, having eleven percent of the world’s species and 1089 different varieties; Kenya’s birding is one of the best in the world. Even without venturing outside Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, more than 600 resident and migratory bird species are found; more than in any other capital city, and more than in most countries. Birding is really interesting in the magical Kenya; every traveler should not miss out this.

Adventure Snake Farm in Watamu
Travelers to the magical Kenya who are interested in adventure should not miss out visiting the BioKen Snake Farm in Watamu. This farm produces snake venoms for antivenin purposes, and has a wide range of local species on display. At the site, travelers have the opportunity to see the big five African snakes which are the Python, Cobra, Puff Adder, Boom slang and Mamba which are not found anywhere else in the whole of Africa, these snakes in the farm are caught for the travelers to see them properly and then released back into the bush. This activity is real adventure as in involves walking through the bush to find these magnificent species but so interesting and memorable.

Local culture
Having over 42 cultures, countless languages and dialects and one of the most mostly diverse social tapestries on earth, Kenya offers best cultural exchange and experience, the heritage stretches back longer than most, and the depth of history can be taught at three historical centers which are Koobi Fora, some of the earliest evidence of human habitation on earth has been found, while the streets of Lamu echo with the history of centuries of sea trade, while Mt Kenya is a biosphere reserve that combines the respect for a traditional symbol of creation and the need to conserve our environment for the future. More still, Many opportunities are available to travel through Kenya to experience a unique cultural mosaic as old creation, Meet the Swahili sailors of the Coast, visit the thorn-enclosed Villages of the Maasai in the south, walk alongside Samburu warriors in the northern wilderness or fish with the Luo, master fishermen of Lake Victoria, in the west. Anywhere you travel in Kenya, you find new and fascinating cultures, and cultural events which provide a real memorable experience to travelers especially first time travelers.

Mountain climbing (Mt Kenya)
Being the Africa’s second tallest peak after neighboring giant Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Mt Kenya is good for mountain climbing though it’s challenging. The breathtaking scenery is marked by incredible views of Kenya and even great glimpses of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Most trekkers summit Mount Kenya at Lenana Peak point which provide a clear view of the entire Kenya and other neighboring countries, hikers are always blessed in the activity getting the great experience never to forget.
In conclusion, magical Kenya is the leading tourism destination in East Africa offering many opportunities, all travelers should ensure not to miss out these interesting natural, cultural, historical and manmade features in the magical Kenya.

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