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Rwanda is one of the fastest growing countries and particularly in the tourism sector due to endowment of various tourist attractions which attract people of all spheres of life.Geographically,Rwanda is located in the central part of Africa but economically it recently joined the East African conglomerate purposely to enjoy some of the economic benefits that accrue from being a member of this community. Initially, Rwanda was known by the outside world as an unstable country due to the 1994 genocide that swept the country leaving tens of thousands of people dead and a multitude of others homeless.

After this tragedy,the country did not sit back to lament about what had transpired but instead embarked on a country wide mass restructuring policy that has not discriminated the tourism sector either.Several infrastructures both social and economical have been set up and the old ones developed.Various roads have been thoroughly built especially those linking to places where numerous tourist attractions are located.When in Rwanda,every one has an attraction to gaze at;

Come for a Rwanda safari and discover the centuries of history this country has to offer. We all have certain things we look for when we plan a vacation, but if culture is your main attraction, look no further than Rwanda. Steeped in history, Rwanda’s capital city and several other towns can satisfy the hardest-to-please culture maven, with more museums, galleries, art and architecture than can be explored in a lifetime.

Probably one of the most recent countries on earth due to the fact that it was almost demolished to extinction and you can tell that even at your first glance. Everywhere you go, you can find something new with the latest trend of architecture emanating from the recent trends in technology. What is interesting is that history in has not really lost it’s meaning since every thing that was destroyed has been put back in its shape with the state of art designs that leave every pass by totally mesmerized. These kind of paintings and designs will let you know Rwanda in the medieval time, Rwanda in the Renaissance, until the last century with the 1994 genocide and nowadays.

The only matter here for you is choosing where to go and how, but that is also why we are here to help you planning your visit, based on your history interests. Do not hesitate, come over to the reputable people with the expertise to give you a dosage of your preferred itinerary with the best rates in town and find out more about its fascinating millennial history.
gorilla safari Rwanda
3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trek
3 Day Rwanda gorilla tour to Volcanoes National park Rwanda home for about 300 mountain gorillas. This safari also offers you a cultural walk to the neighboring communities, interact with them, enjoy their performances as well as enjoy a city tour in Kigali to the colorful markets, genocide memorials sites and craft centers
gorilla safari Rwanda
4 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari
4 Day Rwanda gorilla safari & Lake Kivu Tour – Rwanda Safari to volcanoes national park taking you north of Rwanda to visit mountain gorillas. There are ten habituated gorilla families – each of the groups can only be visited once a day by a group of 8 people. Before tracking the gorillas, you have a chance to choose your desired gorilla group to track choosing from an easy, medium or tough trek.
gorilla safari Rwanda
10 Days Rwanda Uganda Safari
10 Days Uganda Rwanda Safari starting from Rwanda with gorilla tracking in Volcanoes national the crossing to Uganda through the kyanika border to Bwindi national park for a second gorilla trekking adventure and lastly to Elizabeth savannah park for game drive and boat ride along the Kazinga channel where you will view Thousands of hippos along the Lake shores and departure.
gorilla safari Rwanda
15 Days Best of Rwanda adventure
Safari taking you to explore the best national parks of Uganda and Rwanda. Safari activities include double gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda, wildlife viewing, Cultural tours, Boat trips, Nature walks, excellent bird watching and primates trekking, cultural tours and so much more. This safari offers you double gorilla tracking opportunities – and can be tailored to start from any country of interest and to add or reduce the activities.
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