Kenya tourism not affected by the Nairobi attack

Operations in the tourism industry of Kenya remain normal despite the recent attack at the Dusit2 hotel in Nairobi where several causalities were left after serious gunfire and bomb explosions at the hotel.

The Al-Shabaab attack was promptly responded to by the Kenyan security forces evacuating hundreds to safety and the situation was brought back to normal in a few hours after the attack.

The chairman of the Kenyan Tourism Federation and Group Director of operations at Pollman Tours and Safaris says that the attack was carried out only at Riverside Drive Complex and that the rest of Nairobi and Kenya at large is calm.

Since then, the complex buildings affected by the attack have been secured according to Kenya’s Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i. “I can report that the country is secure, that the nation remains calm, that Kenyans and all our visitors are safe and should feel free to continue going about their normal businesses. The situation is under control and the country is safe”, added Matiang’i while speaking at a press conference. He also paid tribute to the International community for standing up to terrorism trough the support and collaboration to Kenya.

Jimi Kariuki, the Managing Director of Saroya Hotels & Resorts who is also Chairman of Kenya Tourism Board said that terrorism is a major threat to countries that rely on tourism as a major driver of their economy. “Kenya is one such country where tourism is our second -largest source of foreign exchange in the formal sector. 2018 was an excellent year for our tourism sector, as announced recently by our Tourism and Wildlife Ministry. 2019 is looking very good in terms of projected visitor arrivals. Incidents such as the one in Nairobi yesterday indeed threaten our tourism industry. Though terrorism is global and no country can stand up and say they are 100% safe from terrorism and crime, we are engaging with our overseas suppliers to reassure them that all is well in Nairobi and in Kenya and the tourism industry continues to operate as normal”, narrated Kariuki.

There is normal operation of all means of transport in Kenya including the International Airports in both Nairobi and Mombasa while the train connection between the two cities is also running smoothly according to the statement released from the African Travel & Tourism Association (ATTA).

Following the attack on Tuesday, several foreign countries have issued travel advisory information to their citizens although there is calm in Nairobi and Kenya remains open for business. The travel information does not restrict tourists from visiting all Kenya’s safari destinations including all wildlife reserves and other conservation areas in the country.

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